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TAQA expands to become MENA’s first integrated Energy & Water Utilities Provider

taqa water
Posted: April 7, 2021 at 12:49 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Via launching “TAQA Water”: TAQA Arabia Expands Business to become The First Integrated Energy & Water Utilities Provider in MENA.

TAQA Arabia, a subsidiary of Qalaa Holdings and the full-service utilities & energy distribution private-sector leader in Egypt, has recently announced growing its business portfolio by launching a brand-new subsidiary “TAQA Water”.

This latest corporate addition transforms the group into the very first integrated services provider in the field of Energy & Water utilities throughout the MENA region. It is noteworthy that TAQA Water primarily caters to the industrial, agricultural, and tourism sectors, in addition to real estate development. 

TAQA Arabia’s new venture into the field of water treatment & desalination complements the group’s remarkable success in the multiple energy distribution fields. The “One-stop Shop” concept is purposefully designed to meet the customers’ full-spectrum needs of energy provisions, all the while minimizing consumption. Since consumers increasingly prioritize convenience, this business model adds the value of approaching a single supply entity.

To mark this occasion, Chairman of Qalaa Holdings, Dr. Ahmed Heikal made a statement: “TAQA Arabia decided to establish & operate a water company in support of the state strategy on finding alternative solutions for overcoming water scarcity, spreading out the usage of modern irrigation systems, and constructing more desalination plants.”

On the same note, Executive Chairman of TAQA Arabia, Eng. Khaled Abu Bakr expressed his delight with the inception of the new company by saying: “Capitalizing on TAQA Arabia’s great successes & leading role in the Egyptian energy distribution sector, we are thrilled to penetrate a new business sector. Adding TAQA Water to our range of services makes us the first fully-fledged provider in Egypt & the Middle East to offer an integrated services package.” Abu Bakr added: “TAQA Water offers diversified solutions in the field of water treatment & desalination with a variety of contractual terms; to best accommodate the needs of our customers and offer them an optimal return on investment.”

Further elaborating on the corporate strategy, Chief Executive Officer of TAQA Arabia, Ms. Pakinam Kafafi explained: “TAQA Arabia invests in widespread parts of the MENA region, where we lay down and operate energy infrastructure; including gas transmission & distribution. We also build and manage Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations as well as car conversion centers under the brand name “Master gas”. Moreover, TAQA Arabia generates and distributes conventional & renewable electrical power, as well as marketing of oil products & lubes”.

Kafafi concluded: “By means of TAQA Arabia’s four business platforms and a human capital of 3400 employees, the business operates around the clock. TAQA Arabia group serves more than 1.4 million customers in Egypt by distributing 6.5+ billion cubic meters of gas, 1000+ MW of contractual capacities of electricity, and running 60 fuel stations branded “TAQA”. Besides, the company also owns and operates a solar energy plant in Benban with a capacity of 65MW. Suffice to say, the integration between TAQA Arabia’s different platforms has qualified the business to become a one-stop shop for the ultimate comfort & convenience of our customers.”

About TAQA Arabia:

TAQA Arabia is the “ONE-STOP SHOP” fully-fledged energy distribution & utilities private-sector leader in Egypt; serving more than 1.4 Million residential, touristic, industrial & commercial customers daily. Established in 2006 and based in Cairo_ Al-Qalaa Holding subsidiary _ TAQA Arabia’s activities lies under 4 main platforms: TAQA Gas, TAQA Power, TAQA Oil Marketing, and TAQA Water. The Holding company has successfully acquired more than 15 well-established operating companies (incepted over 23 years ago), has founded green-field companies, and runs numerous successful projects mainly in Egypt, as well as significant projects in the Middle Eastern & African countries.

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