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Shearwater introduces Harmony, a new seismic source technology for enhanced subsurface characterisation

Shearwater Harmony
Posted: October 20, 2021 at 2:53 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Shearwater GeoServices Holding (Shearwater) is proud to present a new and exciting seismic source technology for marine surveys. The technology, known as Harmony, provides seismic surveys with enhanced low frequencies enabling better decisions for exploration, development, and carbon storage monitoring applications.

The novel technology has multiple applications. It provides deeper seismic imaging, more realistic models of the earth’s subsurface and a more precise estimation of the reservoir properties for 3D and 4D applications. The technology will be presented today at the EAGE Annual Conference 2021 in Amsterdam.

“We believe Harmony represents a significant upgrade to the quality of seismic data which will allow more accurate generation of models and images of the sub-surface and more precise characterisation of rock and fluid properties. We are pleased to see that this novel technology has already attracted significant interest in the market with some very positive feedback from clients already testing it”, explains Shearwater’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Massimo Virgilio.

With its large fleet of vessels, Shearwater aims to make Harmony available broadly, allowing clients in a wide range of geographical locations to access and benefit from this technology.

In the longer-term perspective, Shearwater’s CTO believes that the Harmony has very exciting potential:

“Harmony comes after years of scientific investments to solve specific client needs and ambitions. We believe it has the potential to become a sought-after source technology for seismic acquisition, creating new possibilities for our clients”, says Virgilio.

Shearwater is committed to working with industry partners to create the best and the most efficient marine seismic technology, with the lowest impact on the ecosystems.

“Our close collaboration with major energy companies, who have shown great interest in the Harmony technology and participated in trials, demonstrates Shearwater’s commitment in bringing marine seismic surveys to market faster and more economically than ever before, enabling our clients to make better decisions for exploration, development and carbon storage monitoring applications. This is our commitment to our clients”, says Virgilio.

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About Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS is a global, customer-focused and technology-driven provider of marine geophysical services. The company has the world’s largest fleet of high-end seismic vessels and a portfolio of proprietary technologies and software that provide customers with a full-range of towed streamer and ocean bottom geophysical acquisition techniques, efficient surveys and high-quality data. Shearwater has an industry-leading cost position and a strong balance sheet. Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, Shearwater is owned by RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS, Schlumberger, and GC Rieber Shipping ASA.

(Source: Shearwater GeoServices)