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Schlumberger highlights Egypt’s 2021 Digital Bid Round opportunities

Posted: May 26, 2021 at 2:17 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Brownfield, greenfield, and frontier exploration investment opportunities across Egypt.

The industry’s first fully digital bid round is open in multiple areas across Egypt’s Western Desert, Gulf of Suez, Nile Delta, and Mediterranean Sea regions—open now through 1 August 2021.

Explore Egypt’s brownfield, greenfield, and frontier exploration opportunities

On 17 February 2021, Egypt opened diverse new exploration opportunities covering 24 blocks across basins and plays onshore, offshore, and in deep water—including the Western Desert and Gulf of Suez areas; the mature, less explored Nile Delta region; and frontier exploration in the Mediterranean Sea region. The upcoming licensing round includes

  • 12 bid round blocks in the Western Desert
  • 3 bid round blocks in the Gulf of Suez
  • 9 bid round blocks in the Mediterranean Sea.

These blocks offer liquid, gas, and condensate production opportunities. The unique geographic location, market size of Egypt, and established infrastructure position the country to lead the import and export of oil and gas in the region and attract new investment and competition from both national and international investors.

Secure a discovery close to existing infrastructure to reduce pipeline, production, and facility costs—providing you competitive returns for years to come.

Enable competitive ROI from Egypt’s exploration opportunities

Under a production-sharing agreement model, the Egypt 2021 Digital Bid Round offers

  • diversity of exploration settings—mature, underexplored, and frontier basins
  • investment opportunities both onshore and offshore
  • attractive commercial terms and conditions
  • gas liquefaction plants that can accelerate return on investment through export options
  • easy exploitation of resources using existing infrastructure
  • worldwide, digital access to datasets in the Egypt Upstream Gateway (EUG) portal.

Access Egypt’s rich, evergreen E&P datasets through the Egypt Upstream Gateway

The EUG is Egypt’s fully integrated, digital E&P platform to attract global investment. It provides instant, remote access to all subsurface and bid round data for the 2021 digital bid round to accelerate the decision-making process. Rich subsurface datasets include an available poststack merge of existing legacy seismic surveys covering 25,000 km2 in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (blocks EGY- EMED 3, EGY- EMED 4, and EGY- EMED 5) and Western Desert (blocks EGY-WD-11 and  EGY-WD-12).

Focused evergreening opportunity

The EUG offers the opportunity for prestack processing from field tapes in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and Western Desert Basins by implementing integrated, advanced imaging and geoscience solutions. This dataset enables you to enhance subsurface evaluations for successful exploration in an area of interest. Detailed prospectivity evaluation and special studies enable you to reduce geological uncertainty and risk.

The EUG has completed two poststack 3D seismic merge reimaging projects of 25,000 km2 each in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and Western Desert.

Egypt 2021 Digital Bid Round

Become a member of the EUG and access comprehensive bid round content and regional insights now.

The EUG provides secure access to more than 2,500 TB of seismic data and 70 years of production data, including evergreened subsurface data. With reimaged and integrated data at your fingertips, you can quickly and more effectively screen and evaluate exploration opportunities across Egypt.

Access The EUG Portal ->

(Source: Schlumberger)