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Oil & Gas Virtual Trade Fair & Communication Portal: Successful business in 3-D format

Posted: February 9, 2021 at 1:46 pm   /   by   /   comments (0) – the virtual energy fair

“People are waiting to meet in person again at trade fairs and events. Nevertheless, based on the experiences of the past twelve months, the event world will change in that business initiation will very often take place in the virtual space.”

Anne Lorenz (Lor) and Katja Weißbach (bach), who have been offering “unique trade fair and event venues” to customers for trade fairs, congresses and symposia under the company name Lorbach Communication GmbH since the beginning of January, are certain of this. After an in-depth analysis of the virtual offerings to date, the founders, who have both been in the event and trade fair business for around 20 years, are convinced that two important factors have been missing up to now: the experience and the opportunity for extensive networking.

With the engineering company Aldinger + Wolf, Stuttgart, and AVACO GmbH, Niederkassel, Lorbach Communication GmbH has found two partners who will now be “married” to each other in their respective offerings in order to make Lorbach’s goals a reality: To offer participating exhibitors and participants the “virtual trade fair experience par excellence” with walk-in digital trade fair halls and stands, and at the same time to enable them before, during and after the virtual trade fair to promote business contacts, establish new contacts and intensify existing ones via a GDPR-compliant social media system developed and hosted in Germany.

Aldinger + Wolf offers the digital exhibition solution with a virtual trade fair portal in 3-D format. From the simple, individual conception of the “walk-in” exhibition stands with their own branding, films, products and presentations to the possibility of entering into a direct personal exchange as a visitor with each exhibition employee, the Lorbach Communication event solution thus offers almost all the possibilities of a real trade fair or any other event.

The personal exchange between visitors will take place on the social media technology developed by AVACO GmbH, which will also be the technical basis for lecture events accompanying the trade fair. As at a real trade fair, these can take place both in a separate conference centre and in the exhibition halls.  

First impressions at

Long distances, extensive searches, a lot of ambition and good physical condition are all part of real fair when it comes to finding interesting new companies that could complement one’s own portfolio or become new customers.

How much easier in the virtual world: the visitor specifies his interests at the beginning or simply strolls through the fair, stopping here and there. Their interests are recorded with the help of intelligent software, and a match is made with a contact of interest to them. And to increase the potential of the market presence for the participating companies even more, each can decide how digital and how analogue the participation should look.

This massively increases flexibility.  Even the “translation” of the real stand into the virtual world is possible.

After the fair is before the fair. Never again search for long-lost business cards or lose an interesting contact. All persons present during the fair can be found again at any time – of course GDPR-compliant. Arrange a meeting in closed and open rooms – nothing easier than that. And of course start a web conference immediately – based on a German server.

The first event in this format will be in June 2021, which, as a virtual basis, will meet the need of the global energy industry for personal encounters and digital networking with an exciting and satisfying offer.

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