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Lekela Continues to Expand on Community Initiatives as it Gears-up to Deliver West Bakr Wind Farm before Year-end

Posted: September 14, 2021 at 9:38 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

After the synchronization of the first 20 turbines of its Wind Farm Project in Egypt, Lekela, the renewable power generation company that delivers utility-scale projects across Africa, is preparing to deliver its first Wind Farm project in Egypt, West Bakr, before the end of the yean providing an additional 250 MW of clean energy to Egypt’s grid.

Throughout the timeline of the project since 2019, Lekela also continues its community investment, targeting the local diverse community of Ras Ghareb, in coordination with Ras Ghareb City Council.

Yesterday, youth from Ras Ghareb city received their certificates after a 10-week vocational training. The program focused on five different skills, including: general maintenance of mobile phones, maintenance of television screens and receivers, maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning devices, general maintenance program for home appliances, and general maintenance program for computers.

Small groups (five to six trainees) were selected for each profession to ensure focus and proficiency. The selection was in coordination with the Social Affairs Department of the City Council. The training program was arranged by Lekela, including providing professional trainers, the necessary training tools and material.

Lekela gave all the trainees the necessary equipment for each profession to support them to start their projects as soon as possible.

In the same context, work is underway to establish and equip a rehabilitation center for children with autism. Lekela will participate with building technical capacities and the training of Ras Gharib females to manage the center.

Following the sewing and embroidery training program for the women of Ras Ghareb, a work shop is now established in co-ordination with the Local Women’s Association for Family Welfare to employ about 15 trained women to provide them with sustainable job opportunities.

Lekela has also recently contributed to Ras Gharib City Council’s project of the new corniche, by planting green areas, providing lighting poles, and equipping three mobile kiosks to serve the Corniche visitors.