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IEG’s Key Energy 2020, The Energy Transition Changes The Look Of Cities

key energy
Posted: June 29, 2020 at 4:29 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Clean and advantageous for the economy: convenient renewable energy on utility bills change day-to-day life. Starting from the cities to which LUMIexpo, the new section of the Renewable Energy Expo (Rimini Expo Centre, 3-6 November 2020) is dedicated. From the building trade to energy communities, the digital world, Utilities’ role and electric vehicles, Key Energy presents the ABC of a nationwide cultural change, written under the banner of #safebusiness. 

The transition to renewable energy transforms cities. And Italian Exhibition Group‘s Key Energy is the protagonist and promoter of this transformation, from 3rd to 6th November at Rimini Expo Centre. Domestic, work and public spaces are connected in a new ecosystem which has clean renewable convenient energy as its main driver of development. A momentous change which Covid-19 has only slowed down for the moment and which, on the contrary, the instruments of European and national economic policies ready for the revival continue to support. 

The intelligent ecosystem for the production, storage and use of energy is at its appointment with history and the only qualified appointment in Europe that brings together enterprises, public administrations, large operators and professionals is precisely the renewable energy expo, at its 14th edition. 

In recent months, Key Energy has in the meantime implemented its communication channels with the digital appointments of Connect Talk and Share on technological innovation, legislative response and public and private management of energy supplies 

In fact, the exhibition and public meeting areas of Key Energy 2020 – which is held simultaneously with Ecomondo – have been entirely re-thought in the context of the #safebusiness project by IEG  ( to ensure that every phase of the expo runs safely for exhibitors, guests and staff. 

The leitmotif of the 2020 edition of Key Energy is “Where energy meets the future”.  The expo features four sectors: Wind, Solar & Storage, Efficiency (distributed generation) and Sustainable City, a special project now at its tenth birthday, whose main themes are: digitalization, urban regeneration and sustainable mobility. Key issues for Smart City, which this year are enriched by LUMIexpo, the focus organized in partnership with publishers Tecno Edizioni that will cover digital efficiency systems for public and private illumination, renewable energy, energy communities, the role of prosumers, utilities as the driving force for the transformation of territories and electric mobility.

At the IEG expo, the production and technological chain and the expertise of Key Energy’s Scientific Committee, led by Professor Gianni Silvestrini, scientific director of the Kyoto Club, will present the ABC of a cultural change that is only waiting to become part of the economic revival’s lexicon. Key Energy’s partners in this enterprise are Milan Polytechnic with the Energy Strategy Group, which will present an as yet unreleased report on energy and climatic scenarios from now until 2050; and, among the others: ANEV, Italia Solare, ANIE Federazione, ENEA, Elettricità futura, Wind Europe and Solar Europe.

From wind turbines to street lamps that only light up when people pass and from the recovery of industrial sites to host photovoltaic systems to smart domotics: renewable energy is no longer synonymous with discounts on utility bills. Just as energy efficiency is no longer a mere tax deduction, but an incentive to competitive advantages that improve homes, neighbourhoods and entire cities, as well as one of the fundamental sectors of Italian economy, such as the building trade. Urban areas are meeting points for people on the move, and electrification ensures mobility is sustainable and profitable. The time for transition is now and this must be understood and grasped at the expo. 

(Source: Italian Exhibition Group)