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KarmSolar, KarmBuild Design ICU Field Hospital to Fight COVID-19

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  • KarmSolar, KarmBuild Design Emergency ICU Field Hospital to Fight COVID-19.
  • Designs published Open-Source.
  • The Re’ayit Misr (Egypt Care) hospital is an emergency ICU field healthcare facility that adds intensive care capacity to strained healthcare infrastructure fighting COVID-19
  • The hospital is designed to be built in 10-15 days, even off-grid, using readily available and cost-effective materials at an estimated cost of EGP 13 million (just over US$825,000)
  • The full hospital architecture designs and construction manual have been published open-source on the website ( ).
  • The Re’ayit Misr initiative was established by KarmSolar and KarmBuild in partnership with the 25th of January Hospital Foundation and others.

The Re’ayit Misr (Egypt Care) project is an open-source initiative to design and construct emergency ICU field hospitals to be deployed by cities and organizations combating the spread of COVID-19.

The project was initiated by KarmSolar, KarmBuild, and the 25th of January Hospital Foundation in partnership with experts in medicine, healthcare facilities, architecture & construction, and design. The architecture designs and construction manual and methodology have been completed and are available open-source on the dedicated website 

Karim Kafrawi, Principal Architect at KarmBuild, said: “We set out four main objectives with the space and construction design of the facility:

1. Ergonomically and spatially arranged to manage contagious diseases like COVID-19 in a healthcare facility.

2. Fast mobilization and construction of facility using prefabricated building systems and materials already available locally.

3. Develop a modular system that can be scaled and expanded according to demand.

4. Ensuring the design and construction method is easily accessible and executable for any government agency in any location at any scale they require.”

The solution published open-source has a capacity of 192 beds divided into 16 modular wards of 12 beds each. It is designed to suit various stages of the treatment plan dealing with COVID-19. The facility is designed to operate as a standalone or as an addition to an existing hospital facing capacity issues. The design has been revised and approved by health care professionals from Egypt and abroad, including experts with experience fighting the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Their input allowed for the hospital’s layout to be as efficient as possible whilst permitting a crucial level of comfort and safety for both patients and health care professionals, which was the most important objective for this project’s spatial design.

About KarmBuild

KarmBuild is a multi-disciplinary firm that specializes in environmental design & energy efficient architecture & construction. The company’s approach focuses on integrating local cultural & contextual factors with creative and innovative frameworks in new sustainable solutions & renewable energy technologies, with the purpose to redefine the physical composition of development into a healthy, efficient and occupant focused built environment.

About KarmSolar

KarmSolar spearheads the growth of the private solar energy market in Egypt, revolutionising the solar market through the introduction of innovative and integrated solutions across the residential, industrial, agricultural, commercial and touristic sectors. With unique technical and financial expertise, supported by the company’s in-house Research and Development, today KarmSolar leads the Egyptian market with the largest portfolio of private solar energy projects of over 165 MWp.

(KarmSolar Press Release)

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