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IPR completes first horizontal well in Egypt's Western Desert

Posted: September 14, 2015 at 7:45 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

IPRAfter 21 days IPR TransOil Corp. (IPRTOC) has successfully drilled and completed the first horizontal well in the Northeast Alamein (NEAL) field of the Yidma/Alamein Concession in Egypt’s Western Desert, the NEAL-15H.

The NEAL-15H targeted the Abu Roash “G” (ARG) Dolomite with a total measured depth of 8,100 ft, yielding a horizontal section (leg) of 1,100 ft.  The horizontal leg is covered by a 7-inch uncemented slotted liner.

Initial results reveal that the horizontal well NEAL-15H beat nearby vertical wells by nearly three times, with much lower water cut. On a lesser capacity pump, the well produced approximately 500 bpd and 5% water cut. The well is being monitored very closely and will be produced at a higher rate once a higher volume pump has been installed.

new alamein

Alamein/Yidma Development Lease, Western Desert Egypt (Source: IPR Website)

According to Petroleumafrica, this concession is one of the oldest and largest Western Desert fields, formerly discovered by Phillips Petroleum Co. in 1967.  The Alamein Concession has produced over 130 million BO since discovered. Nevertheless IPR has produced over 20 million bbl from the mature Alamein field since taking over from Phillips with an improved reservoir management program.

However IPR will expand horizontal well programs in various reservoirs of the Alamein field for performance optimization with this successful and cost efficient operation.

(Source: Ecofin Agency)

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