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Innovation & Finance in Energy Summit Brings Together Clean Tech, Infrastructure, Finance Luminaries Taking On Climate Change

Innovation & Investment in Energy Summit
Posted: June 19, 2021 at 1:15 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Frontier is preparing to host global clean tech, infrastructure and finance luminaries taking on climate change next week for the Innovation & Investment in Energy Summit. The event is proudly sponsored by Kongsberg Digital and ERC Evolution

For this event Frontier has partnered with Oxford University Innovation and the Grantham Institute’s Greenhouse accelerator to bring you some of the world’s most exciting investable clean tech opportunities covering a wide range of energy technologies from hydrogen, CCU, energy generation and storage to solar cells. As well as early-stage clean tech companies; this Summit will present mid-tier proven companies looking towards expansion, energy infrastructure and major Net Zero projects under development including the Acorn Project, Global Solar (Lightsource bp), The Humber Cluster and Gigastack as well as sustainable finance available for the energy transition.

The summit will aim to answer this key question: As the energy industry accelerates towards a lower carbon future what will the energy mix be and who will finance the changes?

Confirmed Speakers

Bringing together the energy community online to discuss the most exciting opportunities in clean technology and innovation to progress the path towards net zero.

  • Duncan Burt Director for #COP26, National Grid
  • Paul Chernik General Manager, ERC Evolution
  • Brian Carey Strategic Growth Manager Energy division, Kongsberg Digital
  • Francis Lempp Co-Founder, Carnot
  • Ben Sayers Director, HydroGenesis
  • Christopher Brandon Co-Founder & Director, EH Group Engineering
  • Dr Jack Nicholas Managing Director, Qdot Technology
  • David Izikowitz Founder, Carbon Infinity
  • Darren Berman Commercial Director, Naked Energy
  • Jane Jin Spinouts and Licensing, Oxford University Innovation
  • Dr. Katerina Garyfalou, MBA Commercial and Business Development Director (CBDD), Clean Planet Energy
  • Richard Romanowski Executive Director and Co-Founder, Planet Ark Power and eleXsys Energy
  • Sam Cockerill CEO, Libertine
  • Mark Campanale Founder & Executive Chairman, Carbon Tracker
  • George Fowkes Director, BasePower
  • Simon Stromberg Commercial Director – Energy, Olwg
  • Naveed Chaudhry Co-Founder & Head of The Greenhouse accelerator, Centre for Climate Change Innovation
  • Nick Boyle Group CEO, Lightsource bp
  • Dr Amy Ruddock VP Europe, Carbon Engineering
  • Kirsty Gogan Managing Partner, Managing Partner at LUCIDCATALYST and Co-Founder of TERRAPRAXIS
  • Silvian Baltac Principal Consultant, Element Energy
  • Chris Freeman Technical Director, GaffneyCline
  • Gayle Meikle CEO, Frontier
  • Richard Shield Director & Co-Founder at Maven Radd, Maven Radd
  • Scott Mackin Managing Partner, Denham Capital Management LP, Denham Capital Management LP
  • David Hayes Managing Partner, bp
  • Mark Simmers CEO, Celtic Renewables
  • Olivier Mussat Chief Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation
  • Tim Lord Senior Fellow, Net Zero, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
  • Benjamin Kott Climate Entrepreneur & CEO, Lightsource BP Labs
  • Daniel Davidson COO, Frontier

We are looking forward to seeing you online for this new and exciting event on innovation and finance in clean energy and the latest new developments.