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IEG: Crucial for country’s future, here’s how Ecomondo & Key Energy 2020 will be

Posted: September 26, 2020 at 1:48 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Presentation of the 2020 editions of the expos dedicated to sustainable development, being held live from 3rd to 6th November at Rimini expo centre (Italy). Italian Exhibition Group President, Cagnoni: “Such a significant result would have been impossible without the trust of the enterprises.”

And tomorrow, the doors open at the largest green technology expo in Western China: Chengdu International Environmental Protection Expo (CDEPE), based on Ecomondo’s expertise 

Profoundly innovative: as always. Live and virtual, accessible and safe, to unleash the market and knowledge potential that the European Green Deal puts at the centre of governments’ agendas in Europe. This will be Ecomondo and Key Energy 2020, the Italian Exhibition Group expo dedicated to the circular economy and renewable energy sources which will be held at Rimini expo centre from 3rd to 6th November and were presented this morning. 

This morning, Italian Exhibition Group President Lorenzo Cagnoni stated, “We reacted with the utmost energy, as we know how, and here we are, thanks to the trust of the exhibitors and the companies who wanted to confirm their participation. Ecomondo and Key Energy will show how the expo system is essential for business and companies. We experimented this in the field recently at VOICE, the gold and jewellery event that was held at Vicenza expo centre with the convinced satisfaction of all the trade members.”

 “At Ecomondo”, said Rimini’s mayor Andrea Gnassi, “we shall present our case history. We took our example from venues in northern Europe, such as the Vauban expo centre in Freiburg. Rimini now features 16 kilometres of coast with 400 million euros invested in the purification of wastewater. Our seaside promenade has been transformed into a path leading to the sea Park, on which we have rebuilt the dunes, but which also hosts Urban Health Stations, in which personalized information can be received on health care and safety. Years ago, in agreement with IEG, whom I wish to thank, we changed our business models and concentrated on sectors that have now turned out to be strategic.”

 “A word we have learned to decline in its entirety in recent months”, stressed IEG CEO Corrado Peraboni, “is ‘innovation’. And we have introduced a large amount of innovation to organize these expos. We have worked on different safety protocols, from the setting up of the stands to the catering, to ensure the experience is safe even before entering the expo. IEG has borne all the costs of the organization efforts for the safety protocols, to ensure that our exhibitors only have to think about business and knowledge meetings. 

Ecomondo and Key Energy will be hybrid expos: live participation and our digital channel dedicated to B2B which we shall present shortly.”   

 “Compared to 2019, 70% of our space will be occupied”, announced Alessandra Astolfi, IEG’s Group Brand Manager, Green and Technology Division, “a figure that in a period such as this seems truly extraordinary. We analyzed the requirements of exhibitors, trade and business associations and the scientific community, established three entrances, 26 rooms for Ecomondo and 10 for Key Energy and fitted out a television set for the transmission of events in streaming. I wish to emphasize the boost of the start-ups, the participation of the European Commission and Italy’s key Ministries.”

 “The Green Deal”, explained Edo Ronchi, President of the Foundation for sustainable development, “is set to be a fundamental key for the use of the 209 billion euros of the Recovery Fund, a historic opportunity for changing the development model. So this year’s edition of the States General of the green economy will have to contribute to taking advantage of this opportunity. If we consider the new European target for the reduction of emissions to 55 percent, you can imagine the change in the energy system. Then there is sustainable mobility, the ecological quality of the food system and climatic issues, as well as the quality of life. Green economy’s policies are effective if they manage to establish themselves in our cities.”

 “The European decision to raise climatic targets”, summed up Professor Gianni Silvestrini, President of Key Energy’s Scientific Committee, “obliges us to accelerate considerably on renewable energy sources, efficiency and electric mobility. It is a great opportunity for this expo, if we just consider the growth potential of the photovoltaic sector, a market destined to increase its annual installed power tenfold, thanks to the combination of the reduction of prices and the new goal proposed by the Commission. Elements that enable to have firm hopes in the growth of the sector and an expo whose cornerstones are renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, electric mobility and smart cities.”   

 “This edition”, concluded Professor Fabio Fava, President of Ecomondo’s Scientific Committee, “starts with good news – that the circular economy is at the centre of both European and Italian strategies. Covid19’s impact on the various chains and their innovation, as well as digitalization in industry and services and environmental regeneration, will be decisive factors in the implementation of this paradigm. Ecomondo has always been a ground-breaking expo, so we have accepted the challenge of the European Green Deal and are facing the irruption of the pandemic, to show how the industry and its services have reacted to this crisis.”

And in the meantime tomorrow, 24th September, the doors open at the Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu, for the largest green technology expo in Western China: Chengdu International Environmental Protection Expo (CDEPE) which avails itself precisely of the expertise of Ecomondo: there will be numerous personalized digital B2B (business to business) and B2G (business to government) match-making events for international enterprises. 

(Source: Italian Exhibition Group IEG)