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Frontier: Keeping the Oil, Gas & Energy Community connected during COVID-19 outbreak and beyond

Posted: April 5, 2020 at 1:47 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

During the current COVID-19 ordeal, many are finding themselves feeling quite separated. Separated not just from family, friends and the outside world, but also from colleagues and the usual familiarities of every day work life – since offices around the world closed their doors in support of staying home, staying safe and reducing the spread of COVID-19. Adding to this, if you have children who cannot attend school as usual, then you are probably noticing that your daily workload is doubling as you find the perfect balance between helping the younger generation learn, while maintaining your daily professional responsibilities. However, we are not all strangers to working from home, and some of us are well-experienced at avoiding the many distractions and boundary discrepancies that this work-home lifestyle can bear.  But, even the most talented among us cannot create time, and even the most organised could probably do with more of it!

In addition to the adjustments of everyday home-life, now work-home-life, we need to think of ways to keep connected as an industry. Not just internally via video conference with our colleagues, but also with everything else that is happening across the world. We need to think of ways that we can keep engaged with our clients, and for Frontier – how we can continue to deliver a platform to keep our members and supporters connected. 

The oil and gas industry may currently be in financial turmoil, but it is now more important than ever to stick together as an industry, collaborate where possible and maintain our market strength to ensure we exit this crisis in the best position possible.

Frontier already have a free way of keeping you connected with the outside world, via a daily industry-content-driven news source, and are soon launching an online series to help keep the oil and gas community connected and engaged in conversation during these challenging times when travel is not possible. 

Frontier Live: A Series of Webinars for the Oil, Gas & Energy Sector

In light of the recent postponement of so many of the industry’s events, we will soon launch a brand new webinar series; Frontier Live. Frontier Live will provide our clients and sponsors with a leading digital platform, from which petroleum ministers, NOC’s, multi-client acquisition companies and independents can gather together to share knowledge with the wider oil and gas community.

We are in the process of finalising the full program of webinars, which will utilise the best of our network and guest appearances from other luminaries providing timely analysis and views on recent, present and future oil and gas outlook. Stay tuned for more information by following us on Linkedin and Twitter!

Frontier PetroNews: Daily Oil, Gas & Energy News from Around the World

Frontier send out a free daily PetroNews service that includes industry news picks, breaking stories and selected thought leadership articles, highly valued by the industry. It offers subscribers a free, single source of news comprised of top stories that have been selected from thousands of global internet news sites. This saves you the time of manually trawling through advert-laden news sites and delivers topical oil, gas and energy news daily to your inbox. It is still important to take a five minute time-out, enjoy a coffee and read some news! There is also a PetroNews LinkedIn Page you can follow, for daily news bites, thought leadership and other news that is not always featured in the daily mailshot. 

Frontier PetroNews is a leading platform for disseminating the industry’s prime stories as they break. Annually we feature 3,000 plus breaking oil and gas news stories on Africa alone and 6,000 worldwide stories. Frontier PetroNews reaches directly to decision-makers and leading players in the world upstream sector making it an excellent advertising tool to reach decision-makers in oil & gas. 

In the meantime, we wish you all the best and hope that you and yours are well.

Stay home, stay safe.

– The Frontier Team

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