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Encardio-Rite Group brings world class geotechnical instrumentation to Africa under Lagtib Hassan

Posted: November 22, 2019 at 2:14 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Geotechnical Monitoring and Instrumentation giant, Encardio-Rite Group, expands its operations to Africa with Lagtib Hassan leading from the front as the Executive, Business Development.

Lagtib Hassan with a degree from Mohammadia Engineering School (EMI, Rabat, Morroco) has a distinguished experience in the field of geotechnics. He will be spearheading the Group’s operations in the Maghreb and French-speaking African markets (Gulf of Guinea countries).

Encardio-rite Group is one of the most significant database management companies providing turnkey solutions world over in geotechnical, structural, environmental monitoring, and geodetic surveying. With an identified international presence in over 55 countries and subsidiaries in 10 countries, the Group is supported by over 400 experienced professionals.

Having worked with some of the best consultants and construction companies in the World on landmark construction projects, the Group has developed substantial expertise in the field. Their excellence is reflected through hundreds of successfully performing projects Worldwide including Delhi Metro, Dubai Metro, Expolink 2020, Doha Metro, Marina Bay Sands, Abu Dhabi Underground Sewer System, Tehri Dam, etc.

(Source: Encardio-Rite)

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