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Ecomondo & Key Energy 2021 dates announced: 26-29 October at Rimini Expo Centre

Ecomondo 2021
Posted: January 19, 2021 at 2:09 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Italian Exhibition Group expos dedicated to the circular bioeconomy and renewable energies, following the special 2020 digital edition, will once again be held “live” in the autumn

2021 will be full of important international appointments for the green economy. Among the most important are those of Italian Exhibition Group SpA, which announces the dates of Ecomondo and Key Energy: from 26th to 29th October at Rimini Expo Centre (Italy)

Following the Special Digital Edition of 2020 (due to the pandemic) the two IEG expos dedicated to sustainable development and climate changes are therefore returning live to provide the vast business community a place for discussions and networking on the new sustainable development models and on climate changes. In fact, as well as being well-proven business platforms, Ecomondo and Key Energy represent a true think-tank, which has always faced the issues at the core of the agendas of all governments, as well as those of the entrepreneurial , finance and public administration worlds. 

The live re-start of the expos is an important sign that was eagerly awaited by the entire international community. In fact, expos are among the most powerful business multipliers and, in perspective, thanks to the Recovery Plan of 750 billion euros funded by the European Union, green transformation will be at the top of the list of governments’ commitments.

Ecomondo and Key Energy, which will occupy the almost 130,000 square metres of the Rimini expo centre, are divided into a specific layout to favour institutional and business relations. Waste and resources, remediation and hydrogeological risks, the circular bioeconomy and water are Ecomondo’s sectors. Renewables, storage and distributed generation, energy efficiency and smart cities those of Key Energy.

(Source: Ecomondo)