Energy Egypt (energyegypt.net) is an up-to-date source of information covering energy industry news with a focus on the Egyptian Oil and Gas sector.

Updated regularly with the latest news and company press releases as well as providing insights and opinions, key indicators and statistics.


Providing broad reach at a low cost, Energy Egypt Weekly E-Mail Newsletter delivers a roundup of the latest company news and highlights, including key developments in the exploration and production of Oil and Gas in Egypt, to thousands of subscribers worldwide. Every issue contains links to some of the latest news and articles on our website.

In addition to its informative nature, Energy Egypt E-Newsletter is the perfect medium for your message by offering advertising banners that are directly linked to your website. Your message is delivered straight to the mailbox of thousands of Oil and Gas professionals and decision-makers.

Subscribe to Weekly E-Newsletter free of charge by filling in the Sign-Up Form.

Concession Maps:

To view our latest Concession Maps, please visit the Maps Page.

E-Mail Marketing:

E-Mail shots are specially customized e-marketing campaigns that directly reach oil & gas target customers for the most effective and efficient results.

Offering quick response at a low cost, e-mail shots allow you to reach a targeted audience with your custom email deployment. Your message will be sent to industry professionals from our subscriber list and can be used for a nearly unlimited variety of promotional programs.

Send a completely customized e-mail to our growing subscriber list.You create the message, we send it, and you receive all the benefit.

Energy Egypt offers you many opportunities to deliver your message and expand your reach worldwide via our marketing tools. Target industry-specific audience with advertising and marketing campaigns at a lower cost than any other industry-focused media provider.

Increase your brand awareness and deliver effective marketing messages to key industry professionals and experts, corporate top management executives and decision makers, engineers, scientists, consultants and advisors.

Energy Egypt E-Mail marketing campaigns offer the lowest contact cost in the industry, meaning that it costs less to place your advertising message in the hands of your target audience.

Energy Egypt offers excellent return on your investment!

Download our Media Kit to explore the latest available marketing opportunities and solutions.

For any requests, questions, suggestions or comments, please send us an email at info@energyegypt.net or contact us by phone at +2 0100 521 7902


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