UK Embassy launches Oil & Gas International Scholarship Programme for Egyptians

British EmbassyThe British Embassy in Egypt launched the Oil and Gas International Scholarship Programme on Monday for up to 2,000 Egyptian employees over the coming five years to meet the changing needs of businesses in the oil and gas sector, according to an embassy statement.

The programme, which is the largest scholarship program in its sector in Egypt, aims to “support the work of the Egyptian government as it modernises the oil and gas sector,” the embassy said in an emailed statement late on Monday.

The program was designed by the International Academy for Advanced Research and Studies (IARS) and its training partner Pearson, the largest awarding body in UK, in cooperation with Oil and Gas Skills Egypt (OGS). It will provide accessible and affordable high-quality international training programs, the embassy statement said.

“Today we launch new UK scholarships to give Egypt’s oil and gas workers the world-class skills and qualifications to make Egypt the energy superpower of the Eastern Mediterranean,” British Ambassador John Casson was quoted as saying in the statement.

“When you combine world-class British qualifications with Egypt’s smart and ambitious young workforce, it is an unstoppable combination,” Cason said.

The launch event, which was held at the British Embassy, was attended by representatives of more than 80 of the top Oil and Gas companies in Egypt, including British Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, Petrojet, EGAS, GASCO, Shell, and ECHEM.

This year, the United Kingdom has invested over $7 billion in Egypt in different fields, according to the embassy’s statement.

“Egypt and Britain are natural economic partners with $2 billion of trade each year and $30.5 billion of investment powering the Egyptian economy since 2011,” the British ambassador said in a statement in mid-February.

(Source: Ahram Online)


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