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Prime Minister witnessed signing ceremony of cooperation protocol with Schlumberger

schlumbergerWithin the framework of the state’s keenness to strengthen partnership with the private sector to promote the capacity of the young people and to increase their contributions to the achievement of the objectives of sustainable development, PM Eng. Sherif Ismail witnessed a ceremony for the signing of the Protocols to the cooperation between the Ministry of Manpower and Schlumberger Company operating in the field of petroleum, in the field of the development of skills of workers and secure work environment surrounding them.

It was the signing of the protocol between Mr. Mohammad Saafan – Minister of Manpower, engineer Hussein Fouad Al Ghazzawi, vice president of the Schlumberger company and the Director General in Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean, where the foreign minister pointed out that after the signing of the protocol comes in implementation of the strategy for the care of labor protection policies and organization used at home and abroad and the rehabilitation of the graduates to meet the requirements of the labor market and endow them with the core skills and knowledge of training, with a view to the implementation of the plan of economic and social development according to the general policy of the State.

The Minister of Manpower said that under this protocol, there will an implementation of a training program for 300 trainees in the year for youth, of university graduates unions schools, technical schools, medium system of the 5 years, diploma graduates industrial technician above the average for the age from 19 to 25 years in all occupations related actively oil services the beginning of the work of the oil exploration, digging wells, and even the production of oil and gas wells.

The minister explained that he will be for the duration of the Protocol and the implementation of the 9 Sessions of 3 annual sessions for 100 trainees each session, will be given a certificate of completion of the training and supported from the ministry and the company, as well as the work of the insurance document to provide insurance coverage for each trainee, to divert the necessary compensation in the event of death or disability total or partial disability, the company should achieve the cost of document by 200 pounds per intern per month.

The Ministry of the Declaration and receiving requests for wishing to enter the training courses who apply to them the conditions, review the training curriculum for the adoption of the tests trainees at the end of training and giving them certificates of measuring the level of skill and licensing to engage in trade, certification and completion of the training, and the distinguished in all training session.

The president of Schlumberger company said that the company will provide training centers and the sites in Egypt for the implementation of the theoretical and practical training and the provision of trainers and training curricula and the full cost of training, including the costs of tests to gauge the level of skill and the cost of granting a license to engage in trade after the end of the training, and defray the cost of training grant outside Egypt, distinctive employees from each course including does not exceed 10% of the total trainees each session. He also confirmed the commitment of the company to provide appropriate rations trainees during their work sites far from construction or remote areas, as well as to health-care services and basic clinical trainees, first aid for trainees in the course of their work sites, as well as medical evacuation in cases of accidents.

(Source: Ministry of Petroleum)


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