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Kuwait Energy starts production from Egypt’s Al-Jahra SE-1X oil well

KECKuwait Energy plc (Kuwait Energy) announced on Monday the commencement of production from the Al-Jahra SE-1X exploration well in the Abu Sennan concession located in Egypt’s Western Desert.

After discovery of the well on 27 July 2016, Kuwait Energy obtained the development lease from the Egyptian Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) for Al-Jahra SE-1X on 24 August and commenced production a day later, at an initial rate of 460 barrels of oil per day (bopd).

The well is producing at a 2″ inch choke size and production has stabilized to a daily average rate of 410 bopd, Sara Akbar, CEO of Kuwait Energy told KUNA.

“I am delighted to announce we have begun production from the Al-Jahra SE-1X well after making the discovery earlier this year,” she added. “This is another milestone highlighting Kuwait Energy’s exploration, development and execution capabilities adding value to the asset. We could not have achieved this without the unparalleled support of the EGPC and our partners,” she noted.

Kuwait Energy holds a 50 percent revenue interest and is the operator of the Abu Sennan concession development lease, while Dover Investments Ltd holds 28 percent and Rockhopper Exploration plc holds 22 percent.

Kuwait Energy is an independent oil and gas company actively engaged in the exploration, appraisal, development and production of hydrocarbons. Kuwait Energy’s MENA portfolio consists of 10 oil and gas assets across Egypt, Iraq, Yemen and Oman of which it operates seven assets.

(Source: Kuwait News Agency KUNA)


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