Oil & Gas

Video: Eni 2016-2019 Strategy Presentation

Animated infographics: Strategy execution is well advanced. Eni is completing its transformation, crucial in such a complex oil price environment, in order to enhance long-term growth while meeting short-term financial constraints.

Animated infographics: Succeeding in the downturn and fuelling long-term growth.

Animated infographics: Exploration remains an important value driver for the company. Over the last 8 years, Eni has discovered 11.9 billion barrels of resources at a unit cost of 1.2$/bbl, representing 2.4 times the overall production in the period, which is far above the peer average of 0.3.

Animated infographics: Hydrocarbon production is expected to grow by over 3% per year across the 2016-2019 period, and will be achieved mainly through the ramp-up and start-up of new projects with a total contribution of around 800 kboed in 2019.

Animated infographics: The new disposal program targets €7 billion of asset sales mainly through the dilution of high working interest stakes in recent material discoveries, in line with our “dual exploration” strategy.

(Source: Eni)


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