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Petroleum marine services provider PMS wins four bids in Egypt

pmsEgypt-based Petroleum Marine Services Company (PMS) won executing four large projects including the expansion project of the third basin in Ain Sukhna port for Armed Forces Engineering Authority.

Chairman El-Sayed El-Badawi stated Sunday that PMS is to execute the developmental project of platform Amal C for PICO International Petroleum (PIP), Egypt’s largest private sector oil and gas company.

The third project is establishing shipping services for propylene and polypropylene for the Egyptian Propylene and Polypropylene Company (EPPC).

El-Badawi stated that PMS also won the developmental project of HH and NAO fields of the General Petroleum Company (GPC).

PMS has finished the project of transporting and installing Muzhil platform and its ground facilities for South Abu Zenima Petroleum Company (Petrozenima) with highest security and quality standards, the chairman added.

El-Badawi noted that PMS has signed agreement with Saipem company to lay pipelines for developing the newly-discovered Zohr giant gas field.

He clarified that PMS is caring for qualifying the employees and upgrading their efficiency and skills  in all technical fields through providing necessary training courses.

PMS is the premier Egyptian offshore construction and marine services company that owns a fleet of 20 offshore Barges, Tugs, DPI, and DP II that are fully equipped with all facilities that enables us to do Offshore construction work.

(Source: Amwal Al Ghad)


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