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Schlumberger: Training the Next Generation



Technology and knowledge sharing are at the center of Schlumberger. As part of an ongoing commitment to leading-edge training, Schlumberger has partnered with Oil & Gas Skills (OGS) in Egypt to establish an oil and gas industry training institute.

The initiative involves the development of specialized technical training for the Egyptian petroleum sector. High-quality training and petrotechnical skills development are fundamental to meet industry challenges in the region. OGS delivers a broad portfolio of training, including upstream asset performance and integrity, software modeling and risk management.

The training experience of OGS coupled with the subsurface knowledge, facilities expertise and operational know-how of Schlumberger will help to advance the capacity of petroleum professionals in Egypt while upgrading their skill set through intensive training and hands-on experience. Schlumberger is dedicating its training center in Alexandria, Egypt for this unique collaboration, with the objective that it becomes a regional hub for the new oil and gas industry training institute.

The new institute benefits from the expertise and technologies of the partners at local, regional and global levels. Through this joint collaboration, the companies also plan to expand the scope of the training institute to include other oil and gas organizations from the Africa and Middle East regions. In addition, OGS is establishing a new branch in Abu Dhabi to collaborate with the Schlumberger Middle East Training Centre.

(Schlumberger Press Release)


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